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When Steve Newberry speaks to key decision makers and regulators about the importance of broadcasting to America, he’s not simply following a script or talking points.  He is speaking with passion and he is speaking from his four decades of experience as a committed broadcaster.

Steve Newberry began working at the local radio station when he was just 14 years old, and while still a senior in college he made the bold decision to buy his first radio station.  From that first tiny daytime-only AM station, Steve eventually founded Commonwealth Broadcasting and successfully grew that broadcast group to 35 stations.

Steve takes great pride and honor in being a broadcaster.  He understands how America’s radio and television stations integrate themselves into every fiber of the communities they serve.  From entertaining and informing listeners and viewers every day to being the vital link of communication in times of distress and crisis, broadcasters serve their communities.


With extensive and real broadcast experience, Newberry Advisors is uniquely qualified to represent and advocate for broadcaster’s legislative and regulatory interests.  When advocating for broadcasters or explaining evolving technologies, Steve Newberry’s passion, conviction and broadcasting knowledge moves the meter in a way that is unique and unquestionably effective.

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