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Steven W. Newberry

Principal & Founder

Steve Newberry is the principal and founder of Newberry Advisors.  Recognized as one of the nation’s leading broadcasters and as one of that industry’s most effective voices, Steve has a proven record of leadership, collaboration and advocacy.


A Kentucky native, Steve grew up influenced by how local broadcasters connected to his local community.

He began working at the local radio station when he was fourteen and entered broadcast ownership at the age of 21.  His early passion for broadcasting led him to a successful career as the founder and CEO of Commonwealth Broadcasting.


The other natural passion in Steve’s life was politics.  It was the second language of his family. His mom taught high school civics, his dad served in the Kentucky legislature, his brother was the Mayor of Lexington, Kentucky and Steve has been active in numerous political campaigns and government initiatives.  Some families enjoyed boating or golf, but Newberry family dinner conversations centered on politics and public service.


Steve’s passion for broadcasting and his inherent understanding of politics merged in his leadership of the National Association of Broadcasters.  Eventually serving as NAB’s Joint Board Chairman, he demonstrated strong leadership and intuitive political skills.   Internally, Steve successfully led the NAB board of directors of 75 radio and television broadcasters representing all facets of the industry, and externally he was recognized on Capitol Hill and at the FCC as one of broadcasting’s most effective advocates.


Steve’s advocacy skills, leadership and strategic guidance are now at work on a national basis for the select group of clients served by Newberry Advisors.

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